Time Lapse Cameras and Controllers 

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time lapse controller and Canon

Our time lapse camera controller has some unique features:

  • Field programmable- enter settings directly into the unit without the need of a computer.
  • Built in real-time-clock. Set the unit to start shooting at the desired time of day. For example, shoot from 8 AM to 5 PM each day. 
  • Program the photo interval- as little as 1 per second up to 1 per day
  • Program the focus and bulb times. Bulb exposure range can be set from 1 second up to 256 seconds.  Great for night sky time lapse projects where long exposures are needed.
  • Low power consumption for extended operation. The controller will operate for 10 weeks on one lithium 9v battery.
  • External power port- The controller can alternately be powered by an external power supply (6v-11v). Power jack is a 2.1x5.5mm jack.
  • Camera cable port works with standard camera shutter cables having a 3/32" TRS female jack.  Most common cameras are supported.
time lapse controller

Time Lapse Camera Applications

Construction- Create a time-lapse video of your building project.  For example, set it to take one picture per hour from 8 AM-5 PM, each day.

Nature- Capture a flower opening, place it over a bird nest to watch the hatch and growth over a period of weeks, catch a spider building a web or an afternoon thunderhead building.

Surveillance/Security- Record activity at remote locations. Program the camera to just operate at the time of day you are interested in or 24/7.

Scientific Study- Volcanologist, bioligists, hydrologists and other scientists use time lapse photography to document and study in a  wide range of  applications.

We also have detailed instructions for controller operation,  converting photo sequences to video and more. See Operation/Specs.